Questions & Answers

Although it is a new approach, online personal training can be as effective as traditional in-person personal training with the right focus and commitment.
Yes, every sign up comes with a 14 day free trial. You don’t add payment information until that period is up!  You can sign up, get a personal plan, and meet your trainer all prior to making your first payment.
To provide additional security we take payments through your profile on the app or website, after your free trial you can confirm your details and your personal trainer will add you to the akayfit plan.
You can cancel at anytime through the app or website, just let your trainer know with a message.
Yes, every client is connected directly to a certified personal trainer who receives notifications through their phones and computers just like you.
In the event you feel your personal trainer is not a good fit we are more than happy to find a new trainer that suits you better.
akayfit trainers are traditional in person trainers that are taking their skills online.  All of our trainers our certified, experienced, and prepared to work with people to develop personal plans that fit their specific needs.
Every aspect of akayfit is designed to provide the a secure and confidential experience for our clients.
The most common reason people don’t utilize traditional personal training is due to high cost. The average client pays close to $350/month but payments for packages can be up to $1,000 at once. akayfit adapts by offering an affordable $7.50/week (billed monthly) personal training experience with unlimited engagement and a completely personalized workout plan designed by a certified professional.
Each exercise that our trainers add to a workout comes with a video tutorial right inside the app. If you ask your trainer they will be able to provide additional insight into the technique as well as substitute exercises and next level recommendations.
Depending on location your trainer may offer in person sessions at a set schedule, talk more with your trainer to see if you qualify.
During the sign up process you will fill out questions to help develop your training plan, select Home as the only workout location and list your available equipment for your personal trainer to build a plan that works for you.